Commercial Property Management

Kelly & Shiel Specialises in Property Management, especially throughout the inner city locations. Property Management represents 80% of our business turnover.

Our senior Commercial property manager is Damien Shiel who provides Excellent results for a return on your investment through his great experience.

Damien Shiel Proprietor/Licensed Estate Agent has been with Kelly & Shiel since 1981.
Damien and his staff are able to provide Stress Free Management of your property as his employees are easy to talk too and easy to reach. They will be providing solid returns on your investment while minimising expenses and achieving high occupancy rates.

Kelly & Shiel provide Excellent levels of satisfaction for clients with the long term employment of staff and Limited tribunal appearances which is a direct result from our extensive Knowledge and Experience throughout the property management field.

We are keen to manage your property to the highest of standards!

Please call Damien on 0419 394 999

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Results